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Rwanda Youth Organization Forum

Advocating for Youth Development  


Representation of RYOF is twofold – representation of its organization members and on the other hand represent the Youth citizens’ aspirations in general and concerns on the other hand. 

Capacity building

Capacity building is done through different ways. RYOF organizes several trainings from time to time for its members in leadership, Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy and Lobbying, Project Management and Service Delivery, procurement and Resource Mobilization and fundraising. 


Since RYOF is made up of different member organisations, it ensures the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of interventions of organization members relating to youth promotion. This indeed contributes to its responsiveness to membership needs therefore provides strengths due to synergies. 

Advocacy and policy influence

RYOF and its members do conduct policy advocacy initiatives to influence policy agenda on Youth in the country. 


Take Action 

Enhancing knowledge and skills and investing in young people is the key to the change and transformation that is most desired today and in the future. Thus Rwanda Youth Organization Forum (RYOF) stands for today’s and tomorrow’s youth transformation needed in our Society, Would you love to take any action?

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Latest News


In RCSP’s General Assembly convened on 19/8/2022, RYOF’s Chairperson Madam NYINAWUMNTU Yvette has been re-elected to be the General Secretary in Board of Directors of Rwanda Civil Society Organization. Through in her respective contributions to the nation building, she is involved in advocating for human rights more specifically girls right as well as the development of girls in general. She is the Executive Director of Save Generation Organization, the organization which was initiated  to promote, protect and advocate for children’s and women’s rights and works to prepare, empower and equip the future generations.

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RYOF General Assembly convened on 2st July 2022

Youth led Organizations representatives in Rwanda Youth Organization Forum convened in RYOF’s General Assembly on 21st July 2022, various resolutions were taken to elevate the forum while putting a way to advocate for youth development.

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RODI's Certificate of Appreciation

Rwanda Organization for Development Initiatives (RODI) were given a certificate of Appreciation for its contribution to support the forum, this certificate were given to the Executive Direct of RODI Mr. Chrisystome by Our Chairperson Mrs. Yvette NYINAWUMNUTU and Deputy Chairperson Mr. Kellon James

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